Information Technology at the FAA

The Deputy Assistant Administrator and Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Information & Technology (AIT) is the principal advisor to the Assistant Administrator for Finance and Management Services (AFN) on matters relating to information technology (IT) management, IT security, privacy, and data security across the FAA. This Service includes both the CIO and Deputy CIO.  AIT frequently partners with the Small Business Development Office around information technology initiatives.  Consider scheduling an information briefing with the AIT Industry Liaison Office.   

AIT Industry Technology Briefings

The goal of the AIT Industry Technology Briefing is to explore, inform, bring awareness and visibility to both parties, and understand new and emerging technology products and services relevant to the FAA mission. Although, the briefing is not intended to be a sales platform, this is an exciting opportunity for the AIT organization and your business to establish long-term partnerships and lead to better outcomes for the agency.  Ideal candidates are innovation leaders in the information technology industry. 

Once the AIT Industry Liaison Office has determined compatibility with an FAA Program Office mission or emerging needs that match your company's products or services, the AIT Industry Liaison Office will contact you to schedule a briefing to further explore your company's value proposition to the agency.  Regardless of how the briefing takes place, such as via teleconference, Web conference, or in person, participating companies are expected to come prepared to discuss FAA IT initiatives and priorities.  Presentations should be solution oriented, educational and informative by addressing areas like market and technology overview, performance, security, interoperability, ability to share or re-use, availability of quality support, business application, level of maturity and risk of implementation, value proposition and benefits for FAA, competitive landscape and future evolution of the technology, as well as case studies of other federal agencies if available. 

What can a potential IT partner expect?  

The briefing is a setting for the presenter to introduce, meet, engage, inform, and educate key stakeholders within AIT.  Such engagements can lead to increased interaction and collaboration, visibility into current concerns and areas of interest for FAA, and potential long-term business partnerships.   Briefings are between 45-60 minutes, and take place via teleconference, Web conference, or in person at an FAA facility.  For more information on participating in the Industry Liaison Program, or scheduling a briefing of your company capabilities, e-mail the AIT Industry Liaison Support Center at  For more information about the program, please read the FAA AIT Industry Liaison Program Fact Sheet.